Occupational safety in electrical engineering

Electrical safety - what's behind it?

DGUV Regulation 3 "Electrical installations and equipment" §3:
"The contractor must ensure that electrical systems and equipment are only installed, modified and maintained by a qualified electrician or under the direction and supervision of a qualified electrician in accordance with the electrotechnical regulations.
The contractor must also ensure that the electrical systems and equipment are operated in accordance with the electrotechnical regulations."

These two sentences force every entrepreneur to deal intensively with the topic of "electrical safety" and to fulfill his organizational responsibility and implementation instructions.

What needs to be considered when implementing the topic of "electrical safety"?

Every company with an electrical engineering division must individually adapt the safety concept to its own circumstances. In detail, these include

  • Carrying out safety inspections of electrical installations
  • The creation of risk assessments for electrical equipment and systems
  • The creation of individual risk assessments for the electrotechnical activities carried out
  • Instruction of employees on the subject of electrical hazards
  • Regular instruction of the EFKs (qualified electricians)
  • The training of EuP (electrotechnically instructed person)
  • The organization of the electrotechnical part of the company
  • The organization, structure and deployment of a vEFK (responsible electrician)
  • Rulebook research

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