CE marking - more responsibility for the manufacturer

What is the CE marking?

The CE marking is often described as a symbol of a new way of thinking, as the manufacturer is now permanently responsible for his product and the legislator only defines the framework conditions. The European directives prescribe the award of CE markings. Only if a corresponding directive requires the CE mark for a product is it permissible, but then also mandatory, to affix the mark. The CE marking indicates that the product fulfills the requirements of all EU directives applicable to this product. The CE mark is affixed by the manufacturer. Together with the EU Declaration of Conformity, this certifies that the manufacturer has complied with the basic health and safety requirements of the relevant EU directives when manufacturing the product.

Who must affix a CE marking?

The manufacturer is responsible for the proper implementation of the conformity assessment procedure with all associated obligations such as determining risks or creating operating instructions up to CE marking.

The operator of a machine who makes a significant change to an existing system also becomes a manufacturer.

The manufacturer's responsibility cannot simply be transferred/delegated to a third external person or body.

What the Graubner company offers

Graubner Industrie-Beratung GmbH will check for you which EU directives, regulations and standards are relevant for your product.

We select the right module for your conformity assessment procedure and carry out the risk assessment for you in accordance with the current legal requirements.

In addition, we create the operating instructions for you and research the required documents for the purchased parts. Finally, we draw up the declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation and the type plate with CE marking for you.

Your advantages

  • Legal certainty for revisions
  • Utilization of our know-how and thus faster processing possible
  • No additional effort due to time-consuming research of purchased parts and associated documents
  • Capacity savings for your own employees
  • We come to your company.
  • You receive specific recommendations for action and advice on technical implementation.

We will be happy to inform you about all the details of CE marking. Call our toll-free number 0800 - 4728263 or use the contact form.