Occupational safety specialist

What are the tasks of an occupational safety specialist?

A company needs an occupational safety specialist from the very first employee. The main task of an occupational safety specialist is to regularly examine the company for potential hazards and suggest measures to eliminate or minimize them. This can prevent accidents at work.

These activities do not have to be carried out by an in-house employee, but can also be performed by an external occupational safety specialist. This gives you a new and unbiased view of your company

What the Graubner company offers

Graubner Industrie-Beratung GmbH will provide you with an external occupational safety specialist. We ensure the systematic improvement of safety in the workplace and support you in the legally compliant implementation of your corporate obligations.

Benefit from the cross-industry expertise of our employees and our objective view of your company. We use a license-free software solution for the implementation of the tasks. This allows us to complete the tasks more efficiently and you save costs.

Your advantages

  • Cooperation with experienced occupational safety specialists
  • Relief for you as an entrepreneur and your employees
  • Support in designing workplaces and working environments
  • Calculable costs
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Our experts take on all the tasks of an occupational safety specialist for you, from preparing risk assessments to providing your employees with annual safety training. Call our toll-free number 0800 - 4728263 and let's talk about it,
how we can support you - or use the contact form.