Risk assessment (GBU) - the central element of occupational safety

We will show you where the sources of danger are hidden in your company!

With a risk assessment, you not only uncover potential sources of danger, but also lay the foundation for improvement measures. Analyzing and assessing potential hazards at the workplace and in production facilities is the most important step towards safe and healthy working conditions.

Only if your employees feel safe at work and in the company and remain healthy will they be motivated and satisfied. This is why we examine your company as part of a risk assessment not only for physical and organizational sources of danger, but also for psychological stress.

What the Graubner company offers

We create an overview of all workplaces and areas that need to be recorded.

You will receive complete, court-proof documentation of all hazards, their assessment and proposals for protective measures, including details of those responsible, the latest implementation date and the person responsible for monitoring effectiveness.

We will be happy to help you plan and implement the necessary protective measures.

Your advantages

  • Creation of experienced occupational safety specialists
  • Objective consideration and evaluation of your company through our inter-company activities
  • Software-supported implementation process
  • Court-proof documentation of hazards and active tracking of measures in our software solution

We will be happy to inform you about all the details of the risk assessment (GBU).
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